The Art and Science of the TED-talk

How to find your voice and craft your signature Keynote

“Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say,
and say it hot”   D.H.Lawrence

The best presenters share two important qualities: skills and personal confidence. Confidence comes from knowing what you want to say and being comfortable with your communication skills.

In this two-day workshop you will master the skills that will help you become an unforgettable speaker and presenter so that you can communicate confidently with presence and authenticity.

On this power-packed two-day workshop you will learn to:
– Speak with sincerity
– Improve your capacity for leadership
– Communicate with effective intention and results
– Engage, motivate and inspire others
– Enhance your interpersonal techniques
– Manage challenging situations with assurance

This is a course for anyone who would like to improve their communication skills: from managers, teachers and CEOs to ministers, politicians and public figures.

“You have just 20 seconds to make your first impression – every word and gesture counts.”

The course is structured to enable you to:
– Find your authentic voice; pitch, pace, pause, tone and power
– Develop powerful vocal and physical skills to support your voice – including breathing and relaxation
– Use gesture and body language to enhance your message effectively
– Read your audience and respond flexibly as you speak
– Enhance your listening skills and emotional intelligence so that your message resonates with authenticity
– Structure a presentation and phrase your ideas effectively so that you hook your audience immediately and keep them hooked throughout
– Create three presentations (on your chosen subject) with guidance and support, which will be filmed and reviewed to identify ways to improve
– Overcome any nerves and realise your power as a presenter

The true value of this training is that the results are obvious immediately; the change in confidence and assertiveness with which you will be capable of communicating your views and perspectives will be dramatic

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Delegates’ feedback

“I can highly recommend the course for anyone wanting to improve their presentation skills. The course is very practical and we could experience the improvements taking place in our individual presentations as the course progressed. The presenters were outstanding and we had loads of fun while honing our skills.” Donald Platt, MD Floorworx

“The training provided me with valuable input that I can use from here on and I thank you for that. I will highly recommend this to my colleagues and team.” Philip Herselman, GM Atlas-Copco South Africa

“I would like to thank the team at QualityLife for the lessons I was taught at the Coaching for Speakers course. As I am responsible for Business Development, I need to speak / present to audiences of all sizes. This course gave me the tools to be confident in the story I will be telling as I now know how to structure my mind. Once I have the confidence in my story, the rest will be perfect.” Francois Warrington, Imperial Health Sciences

“All in all, it was a life-changing morning.” Hamilton Wende, author and journalist

When and where
DATE: Thursday 9 – Friday 10 February 2017
VENUE: TBC on registration
TIME: 8:00 am for 8:30 am until 4:00 pm
COST: R8250 excl vat.


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Claudine Ullman is the founder and managing director of the Jittery Citizens. She is an actress, improviser; stand up comedienne, public speaker as well as expert facilitator. Having completed her BA in Dramatic Arts at Wits, Claudine travelled widely, refining her craft at top international performance schools such as LISPA (UK) and Helikos (EU). She has received specialist improvisation training at renowned American schools such as The Second City, Improv Olympics (US) and the Magnet Theatre. Claudine has been invited to speak about “Improv Your Life” at the IEB Dramatic Arts Conference and will be presenting at TEDx Johannesburg. She recently completed a successful run at the Grahamstown Arts Festival in “Wretched”.


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