The Art and Science of the TED-talk

How to find your voice and craft your signature Keynote

It’s never been more important to find your voice and tell your story. But it’s not enough to recite a definition and share memories and insights – however valuable these might be. Your message needs to be edited, rehearsed and professionally critiqued if it’s going to have the impact it deserves.

It’s hard work, it’s daunting, it requires courage and commitment. But if you’re serious about delivering your story and making sure that it reaches the right audience before you even reach the podium, this coaching circle for speakers has been designed specifically with you in mind.

I’ve worked with speakers, panellists, facilitators and workshop presenters for 20 years and I’ve helped them each to identify the unique angle and passion that makes each message relevant. I also work with colleagues who give me the kind of no-holds-barred feedback I give my clients. Because every speaker who is serious about improving deserves a coach to get to the next level of excellence.

Together with a team of speech writers, body language experts and (gentle) camera crew, we will work with you to discover your own authentic message. We will map out the best way to get your message out there and into the world.

We create a safe, encouraging space but we will also nudge you to get beyond your comfort zones. Often the extra help you need between acceptable and high impact is getting someone else to hear your story. Let us help you to edit it and polish it until it’s ready to make its mark on the world.

I look forward to being your guide and your coach as my team and I work with you to discover your own authentic message and show you the most powerful way to make it known.

We will cover the following (and more) during our time together:

  • Discuss your presentation in groups and find its unique angle
  • Find your own authentic voice and communication style
  • Learn how best to structure your keynote
  • Create your TED-talk if this is on your bucket list
  • Learn ways to market yourself and your message
  • Hone your presentation with guidance and support, which will be filmed and reviewed to identify ways to improve

And lots more!

By the end of the course, you will be QualityLife- and TEDx-ready.

The course is provided over six 2-hour sessions spaced two weeks apart to give you time to practise in between.


Dates: 20 July, 3 August, 17 August, 31 August, 14 September, 28 September
Time: 8:30am – 10:30am
Venue: Falstaff Hotel, Longdon Road, Rivonia, Johannesburg
Cost: Your investment is R1750 ex vat (R1995 incl vat) per session or R9500 ex vat (R10830 incl vat) upfront for the six sessions.

Feedback from previous delegates

“What I gained from this course was how to construct the content of my talk, how to be authentically me and how to deliver a talk in a way that people would want to listen. I learned how to manage my body language, manage anxiety, make use of space in between points and use the stage space effectively. For anyone who would like to improve their speaking skills, you can be sure that you will learn what you need to know.” Nicole Wills, MD

“The training provided me with valuable input that I can use from here on and I thank you for that. I will highly recommend this for my colleagues and team.” Philip Herselman, GM Atlas-Copco South Africa


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debby150Debby Edelstein’s role as chief talent scout for QualityLife Company means that she receives proposals from speakers who want to launch their careers on a daily basis. Debby has had the privilege of hearing and learning from some of the best speakers in the world and has coached some of SA’s top CEOs in speech writing and dealing with the media. An accomplished keynote speaker, MC and panel chair, Debby is also highly regarded for her ability to facilitate conversation among groups of all sizes.


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