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“The operational definition of Political Savvy is ethically building a critical mass of support for an idea you care about.” (Joel R. DeLuca, Ph.D)

When a group of people comes together there is a political dynamic – it’s unavoidable. Somebody will have an idea that they believe is better than the other ideas and then they will try to find supporters in order to gain influence. On one level it’s as simple as that… Whether we like it or not, we are all in this game. If we work with people there is no escape. There are three positions in this game of life:

1. You are played,
2. You are a player OR
3. You become the game maker

If you understand power and organisational politics you stand a much better chance of ethically “playing the game”. In other words, a better chance of managing your career and managing your colleagues. Ignorance will leave you open to exploitation – worse still you might unknowingly damage others.

Owning your own political power is one of the key issues that could unlock your future career. Would you like to become much harder to manipulate? Is your organisation taking your career where you want it to go? Are there sometimes strategic advantages to be gained from being played?

This engaging seminar, using the metaphor of the “three positions”, will expose you to some of the research done in the field of power and organisational politics. For example, did you know that the modern organisation is often structured in a way that unconsciously promotes political behaviour? Or that there are meticulously researched and documented strategies that people use to gain control. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what these are? What about ethics and power? Could you use your organisational power to achieve good? Maybe you want to understand how you could use your understanding of power and organisational politics to bring about some profound change for the good?

If you attend this seminar you will discover:
– Where political power is wired into the modern organisation.
– The power games people play.
– Popping the bubble of manipulative rhetoric.
– Where abusive organisational power might have damaged you and how to start healing.
– Political potholes to avoid.
– Sources of power and influence you can use.
– How to develop and use your power ethically to advance your career.
– Power positions for early, mid and late career.

Important changes that are shaping the nature of work in today’s complex organizations demand that we become more sophisticated with respect to issues of leadership, power, and influence.

“Beyond the yellow brick road of naïveté and the mugger’s lane of cynicism, there is a narrow path, poorly lit, hard to find, and even harder to stay on once found. People who have the skills and the perseverance to take that path serve us in countless ways.” (John P. Kotter. 1985 Power and Influence beyond Formal Authority)

Workshop Details

Thursday 28 February 2013
Houghton Boardroom, 17 – 5th Street, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg
TIME: 8:00am for 8:30am until 4:30pm
COST: R3400 excl vat

Workshop facilitator
John Ballam (M.Phil. Applied Business Ethics) is a seasoned organisational development consultant and tertiary academic. He has consulted to numerous organisations in the private, public and NGO spheres since 1995. His special field of interest is in business ethics, in particular, the area of authentic adult identity formation in contemporary culture. The learning environments he creates are well researched, invigorating journeys of discovery. John is a refreshingly transparent trickster figure – quirky, open to owning his shadow; happy to see you dance towards embracing yours. He would be delighted to help you subvert the puerile ‘pure and simple’ in order to embrace a refreshingly robust ethical complexity.

TO BOOK: Call Lizzy Mafalo on (011) 880-9749 or email Lizzy with your contact details.

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