The Art and Science of the TED-talk

How to find your voice and craft your signature Keynote

Millennial Leaders - Frank Insights: an Inter-generational Breakfast Forum about leadership, work and the future

QualityLife Company invites you to a breakfast where we examine the contribution that millennials are bringing to the workplace, to our future and to our conversations as a nation. Of far more importance than the fact that they represent a generation of consumers that marketers want to penetrate, the youth of our country are at [...] View Event »

In the Driving Seat: Lessons in Leadership with Brand Pretorius

“This great South African demonstrated that servant leadership and business success can be harmonious companions in a competitive world. I hope to emulate his formidable example.” Prof Jonathan Jansen, Rector and Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Free State Ex-CEO of listed company McCarthy Limited South Africa, Brand Pretorius’ ability to articulate a compelling vision [...] View Event »