WeLead Women's Day Breakfast Forum

"Find your Leadership Voice" (16 August)

The Art of Consulting (August 13)

Consulting is a powerful opportunity to draw on your expertise and critical thinking ability to provide an indispensable sounding board for your clients. When you give professional advice to somebody who needs to make a choice, you are consulting – sometimes without even realising it. “A consultant is …in a position to have some influence [...] View Event »

Announcing the WeLead Women's Leadership Development programme starting June 2018

We’re delighted to announce that the WeLead Women’s Leadership Development programme will launch in June this year. We’ve got a great team lined up, a powerful leadership journey planned, some disruptive new ideas to share and now it’s time to invite you – some of the best leadership talent in the country – to join [...] View Event »

Leadership and the Art of Storytelling: A Morning Masterclass (27 July)

Who are the most powerful people? Take some tips from two billionaires – deceased Apple founder Steve Jobs and Virgin founder Richard Branson – and master the art of storytelling, the most influential of all the arts. “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda [...] View Event »

How to facilitate magical meetings & creative conversations (2 Aug)

This morning is designed for anyone who wants to hold more transformative, generative conversations and meetings. At a time when so many shout to be heard and talk without listening, facilitation is a fundamental leadership skill. You’re invited to join a small group of leaders, educators and change agents to learn the skills we all [...] View Event »

Conflict: A place of opportunity (29 May)

‘Conflict is inevitable but combat is optional.’ Max Lucado This morning is designed for anyone who every time they sense the smallest possibility of conflict, wants to run the other way. When we find ourselves in a conflict situation, whether we realize it or not, we experience the following: We feel weakened, fearful, unsettled and [...] View Event »