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welead_058What do you need most to help you fast-track your professional and leadership goals in 2017? Most high potential and emerging leaders have the same answer: A mentor. We all want access to someone with different skills and experience who can help us achieve our goals – far easier and faster than if we struggled along ourselves.

As Oprah says “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” 

A good mentor is also someone who holds us accountable and pushes us to achieve what we know we can. And considering this is what we really want this time of year (rather than more chocolates and bubble bath) we’ve come up with a way to make it accessible. The #Welead Meet your Mentor (#MYM) Network is a platform that incorporates the #WeLead philosophy that we should ask for what we need and give what is easy for us to give at the same time.

Welcome to the WeLead #MeetYourMentor #MYM Network

1. Membership of the The WeLead #MYM Network will cost you R150 a month (excl vat). For less than the price of a business lunch, you become part of a network of mentors and mentees. We will match you with a mentor who’s perfect for you. We will also expect you to mentor someone in return. So that means you’ll make TWO great connections who will help you to achieve your leadership goals.

(Good mentors always talk about how much insight and learning they get from their mentees. In the words of Peter Drucker, the leadership thinker who is still known as the father of management – “No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it.” )

2. We will teach you (online) how to be a great mentor. You will receive our WeLead #MYM mentorship guide (a proprietary guide with insights from experts on how to be a great mentor and how to be a great mentee). You’ll continue to get tips and ideas for the duration of your membership to keep forever as you continue your mentorship journey.

3. We expect a minimum commitment of 6 months. (Longer would be great but we’re realistic about how busy life gets.) That’s R900 (excl vat) only for 6 months.

4. The first intake of mentors ends soon so that matching can begin. Please make sure that bookings and payments are completed by Friday 6 Jan if you want to be part of the first exciting cycle!

The gift of connection, friendship and mentorship. We really can’t think of a better gift with which to start 2017.

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