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5 things I learned from Brand You
By Dunne Edelstein

In Nov 2011, Yvonne Johnston, marketer-at-large, ran a breakfast forum for QualityLife Company on Building Brand You. The focus was on deciding what you want to stand for; what you are and are not; and, importantly, how others see you.

These were just some of the highlights:

  1. Rule Number 1 is ‘consistency’: you need to give the same message to your clients over and over again, so that people remember what you do.
  2. Focus on one thing and become well known for it. Put your energy and your effort into it and it will attract the right people into your business. Once again, it talks to the ‘consistency’ in Rule Number 1.
  3. Find people who are your supporters/ambassadors and make them even more committed to and inspired by you. It’s much easier to keep the customers you have and work on increasing their business with you, than it is to find new clients.
  4. Every time you communicate, you are either building or destroying your brand. This is especially true when it comes to social media. Everything you say is saved in cyberspace forever for other people to find. If you are irresponsible about what you say, people will find it.
  5. Building a brand is more about behaviour than about communication. Sometimes people ‘say’ good things but they don’t ‘do’ good things. People only believe you when you walk the talk, not when you just talk. This leads you into authentic behaviour, which attracts more business.

The next QualityLife Company Breakfast Forum takes place on 27 March in Johannesburg. Pepe Marais, entrepreneur and MD of award winning Joe Public Advertising Agency will discuss the Business from the inside out. Contact Lizzy for more information.