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Worldwide trends indicate that people are looking to their place of work to better reflect their life decisions and act as a foil for personal growth and development within the context of the business needs.


1. To transform the world of business into a place where work and life are integrated
2. To find work we love and to love the work we do
3. To bring creativity and soul to the workplace
4. To make a difference in the world by expanding the role of business in transforming society

Soul Company

Soul Company is synonymous with leadership, integrity and social responsibility. It also celebrates irreverence, fun, creativity and a maverick spirit. Size is irrelevant. It could be a listed company or a home office. But most importantly, it reflects a new kind of company which is not prepared to lose at life in order to win at work. Please forward to likeminded people in business who you believe could benefit from access to a community of likeminded thinkers.

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1. To give you access to a community of like-minded people
2. To provide you with resources, information and inspiration for your individual and corporate transformation
3. To celebrate the pioneers who are challenging the way we live and work in order to create a better quality of life for us all.

The vision for QualityLife Company is to begin this transformation of the workplace where work is something we do because we love doing it. The work that we choose to undertake must transform us in some way, it must be something through which we grow spiritually. Work must connect us with our passion, our creativity and our special unique purpose in life.