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1. Is Fairy Dust in the Boardroom pushing it too far?
2. Special mini-workshop in honour of Women’s Day
3. Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point
4. Looking for Soul of Business speakers for Jhb and CT
5. In house training programmes
6. Looking for matriculants
7. Feedback from the Women’s Leadership Conference 2009
1. Is Fairy Dust in the Boardroom pushing it too far?

We’ve had music, poetry and meditation in the boardroom. Now there’s also fairy dust in the corporate world!
Last year people played in countries as far as Iran, Australia and Canada. This year the recession has taken its toll and there are fewer people playing. Still those who are playing are giving it their best shot!

Good Fairy Week started on July 23rd and continues until Wednesday 29th. It culminates in a breakfast presentation called The Enchanted Boardroom on July 30th to explain to organisations how they can run their own Good Fairy Week internally.

TO BOOK, Phone Lizzy (011) 880-9749, email Lizzy with your contact details or register online

Many more straight-laced types think that fairy dust might be pushing the boundaries too far (even for QualityLife Company!). Some high-powered friends in the corporate world have suggested strongly that we have “lost the plot”!
But we are especially proud that two of our regular clients, were so taken with the magic of the game last time they played that they have come on board as corporate sponsors for the last two years.

Click on the QualityLife fanpage (Facebook) to see why two leading CEOs – Monica Singer of Strate and Sandra Burmeister of Landelahni – have thrown their weight behind something as edgy as Good Fairy and Wonderful Wizard Week, just scroll down to find the video clips.

If you’re inspired by what they say, please spread the word to make sure that fairy dust becomes more firmly embedded on the corporate agenda:-)

warm regards

Debby Edelstein and the QualityLife Company Team

2. Special mini-workshop in Honour of Women’s Day

Especially for Women’s Day, Debby will be running a mini-version of her popular New Women’s Leadership programme:

Chaos, Creativity and Conversations

Whether or not you’ve thought about yourself as a leader before, this mini-workshop will show you how to step up to the platform, be yourself but louder and take advantage of the fact that the way for women to lead has never been more engaging, more inviting and more exciting.

Mini-Workshop content includes:

•    Why the World Needs Women Leaders Now
•    Develop your Inner Warrior (and silence your inner wus)
•    A 30-second strategy to be recognised as a leader
•    A two-minute strategy for transforming teams
•    How to start creative conversations within your own organisation

Mini-Workshop Details

Friday, 7 August 2009
Sunnyside Park Hotel, Parktown, Johannesburg
07h00 – 07h15 Registration
07h15 – 08h00 Breakfast
08h00 – 10h00 Debby Edelstein
Cost: R695 excl vat. Book a table of 10, 10th person free.
To Book: Phone Lizzy (011) 880-9749, email Lizzy with your contact details or register online here

Note: This mini-workshop can also be facilitated in-house and customised to suit your requirements.

3. Malcolm Gladwell was so well received at Discovery’s recent Leadership Summit, we thought that you might like a recap of his first bestseller.

The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell) Published by Abacus

Gladwell’s book demystifies that magical moment when ideas, trends or social behaviours “tip” (go from zero to hero in a relatively short time and with relatively little effort) and start to spread like wildfire.
He says that we need three different things in order to tip. The first is to have three types of people in the loop to fan the fire:
•    Connectors: know a lot of people and have the ability to span a few different worlds. They are the social glue who spread the message.
•    Mavens: accumulate knowledge for the sake of it, love helping people and are the data banks.
•    Salesman: skills to persuade.

You need to think about connecting with these kinds of people if you want to create your own tipping point. Then, your idea needs a stickiness factor, something interactive that turns an audience into participants and moves them to action.

Lastly, Gladwell talks about the power of context. He tell us how the New York City authorities solved crime that was rampant at the time, (especially on the subway) and introduces the “Broken Windows” theory. The Broken Windows theory says that broken windows that never get fixed send out a message that nobody is home and nobody cares.
Fix the windows, and the message is reversed. NYC cleaned up the graffiti, ensured that people paid for their train rides and fixed the broken coaches. This changed the context in which the crime was being committed. These seemingly small things made a huge difference and were the undoing of the crime epidemic.

This for me was the most important lesson in this book: how small things can make a huge difference to anything. If we focus on the small things, the big things will follow.

By Dunne Edelstein, co-founder of QualityLife Company, Dunne is an entrepreneur with a number of start-ups under his belt. He is pretty confident that he learnt far more about real life from surfing than he did from his MBA

4. Looking for Soul of Business speakers for Jhb and CT

We are looking for inspiring leaders from different sectors to participate in the 5th Annual Soul of Business Conference. If there’s anybody you’d like to hear speak, please forward suggestions to Debby.


5. In house training programmes

We have used QualityLife Company over the last 3 years on a continuous basis for a variety of topics. They always have a professional approach and the quality of their facilitators is exceptional. They are all well qualified and always add something new to the subject matter. Their approach is practical with insight. They also realise that you deal with a whole person and are not just interested in their output. I would highly recommend QualityLife Company as a partner in training.

Louwrens Erasmus, General Manager, Rand Air

If you are planning your company’s skills development programme, give Dunne a call (011 880 9749) for further information.

6. Looking for matriculants

If you know of anyone looking for a job, National Youth Development Agency has an opportunity for matriculants to work as data capturers.No work experience is required. They need 6000 people urgently. Call Nkileng Mashoai, Market Linkages, National Youth Development Agency on Tel: 27 (011) 651 – 7000 ext 1315, Fax: 086 566 0035 or Nkileng Mashoai


7. Feedback from the Women’s Leadership Conference 2009

The 4th Annual “We are the Leaders We’ve Been Waiting For” Women’s Leadership Conference took place in Johannesburg on June 9th. Highlights included a relaxed conversation with Zindzi Mandela during which she was prepared to answer “any questions” and a surprise performance by Kerry Edgar and her dancing waitrons from Roseboys.

I just wanted to express how happy and excited I was about yesterday’s session. As always Quality Life did not disappoint and I am officially hooked to the Women’s Leadership Conference! It is an amazing event and words cannot even begin to describe how fabulous the event was. The speakers were great, the venue was great, the food was divine, and the whole event was just so well organized. Thank you for doing such great work. See you next year!!
Best Regards, Garebamotho Anna Komote, Bankserv.