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If you’re the kind of person who could never spend five minutes a day staring at a raisin and who thinks that meditation and mindfulness is only for other people, this online session is for you. (If you’re interested in exploring what it’s like to eat a raisin mindfully, go to the end of this email.)

These are strange times, and even those of us who have never before felt the need, realize that we need to learn some new techniques for calming our frazzled nerves and finding our centre.

Dr Kirti Ranchod is someone who has spent time around my dining room table when we had our WeLead Circles together over breakfast rather than at our desks through Zoom. She’s wise and grounded in a warm, accessible way and as a scientist and neurologist prefers to speak about “brain health”.

But she’s also someone who walks the talk in her own life and is committed to creativity, trying new things, meeting new people and (pre-Covid-19) travel.

Join us to find some practical ways to access your own style of calm and learn too about the power of neuroscience for productivity and leadership.

The Neuroscience of Calm – will present practical, simple steps to work towards calm in the midst of chaos.

What you will learn
1. Why you as an individual, a parent and a leader need calm
2. Understanding plasticity – and the good news about what this means for your (previously frazzled) brain
3. Practical mindfulness exercises based in neuroscience (no raisins)
4. How to develop a personalised strategy to find your own inner calm

Details of the online presentation are:
Friday, July 10
Venue: Your desk wherever you are in the world (we’ll hook you up with Zoom)
Cost: R500 ex vat
Time: sign-in from 8:45am
9am – 10am Dr Kirti Ranchod presentation followed by Q&A

TO BOOK: Call the office on 011 880 9749, or register below:

Register for “The Neuroscience of Calm” here

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Dr. Kirti Ranchod ( is a neurologist and Atlantic fellow for Equity in Brain Health with extensive clinical experience. Her current focus is on how to keep the brain and mind healthy in order to prevent illness. She does this by transforming academic research into practice.

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