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Quality Life Conferences & Events

We know that the best learning happens together. Our facilitators are skilled in unleashing the wisdom of crowds and creating spaces where leaders explore and learn together in preparation for personal action.

“When people connect, the world changes” Debby Edelstein

That’s why we love connecting interesting people.  (You never know who you might meet at a QualityLife Company event)

From shorter events like Beethoven in the Boardroom and our quirky pay it forward game “Good Fairy and Wonderful Wizard Week” to our flagships conferences, QualityLife events are a skillful blend of entertainment and learning.

“Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either” Marshall Mcluhan

We’re proud of these conversations that have grown up to be leading conferences.

“And it all began when some friends and I started talking” Meg Wheatley

The Annual Women’s Leadership Conference – We are the Leaders we’ve been waiting for

The premier women’s leadership conference in South Africa, “We are the Leaders We’ve Been waiting for” has acquired a reputation for being the most dynamic conversation of women leaders in the country. Once a year this is where talented women gather to fast-track their path from good manager to great leader

“Insightful, great networking opportunities, made me feel like I am not alone in the challenges I face” Mbali Mzimela, Stanlib


Wired Women – Leadership and Innovation in the Digital Economy

Celebrating the women thought leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators who are shaping the digital economy, this interactive event forges new networks for women in tech while recognizing the movers and shakers who are using technology to change the world

“I must say #WiredWomen was the dark horse of this year’s conference season. Brilliant content, great, inspiring speakers. Thank you for an amazing conference. Tallulah Habib, ITWeb


Inspired Teachers – Shaping leaders, igniting passion, changing lives

Inspired Teachers recognizes and learns from teachers who know how to light up a classroom, shares leadership lessons and inspiration with our teaching community, and focuses on celebrating the commitment of the remarkable individuals who are shaping young leaders on a daily basis

“The best conference I have been on as an educator. Came away feeling totally inspired.” Christine Scrooby, Riverbank Primary Education

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