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Consulting is a powerful opportunity to draw on your expertise and critical thinking ability to provide an indispensable sounding board for your clients.

When you give professional advice to somebody who needs to make a choice, you are consulting – sometimes without even realising it.

“A consultant is …in a position to have some influence over an individual, a group or an organisation but has no direct power to make changes or implement programs.

“Every time you don’t have control over people but want them to listen to your advice, you are faced with the consultant’s dilemma.” Peter Block, author of Flawless Consulting

What tools do you need to excel as a consultant?

In this practical workshop you’ll get solid models, tools and techniques and best practice insights.

You’ll also learn how to deal with some of the real life challenges consultants experience. Challenges like dealing with difficult clients, the absent manager, ethical conflicts and how to promote yourself while still working well with competitive colleagues.

The one-day program will cover the following Core Consulting Tools

  • Clarity about what consulting is and is not (so you remain a consultant and not a manager)
  • Obtaining client engagement to enable commitment to outcomes
  • An overview of the consulting model so you’ve got a helicopter view of the overarching process
  • Interaction skills that enable effective landing of communication
  • Clean data gathering to prevent working with assumptions
  • Practice of core skills in both small and larger groups (gives practice in working with different systems)
  • Establishing client needs (perceived and real)
  • Being aware of the different client stakeholders, their potentially different needs, and how to manage these positively to avoid conflict.
  • Scoping and managing boundaries and expectations (clarity around the baseline before any involvement, and “in” and “out” of scope)
  • Introduction to systems thinking to have the biggest impact
  • Client/consultant needs and writing up a practical working agreement (creates clarity and prevents conflict later on)
  • Costing models to best meet needs

Who should attend

You’ll find this workshop valuable if:

  • You’re already consulting and need to learn the skills to consult even more effectively, 
  • You’re already a consultant but never learned a model to structure your thinking and behaviour,
  • You want to brush up on your consulting skills,
  • You want to learn a new skill to supplement your income.

It’s a course built on years of consulting experience and will tap into the shared learning and experience of the facilitator and course participants with real-life case studies. Multiple development methodologies are used to suit participants’ different learning styles.


“If you want to be an effective consultant, you must do this workshop. I learnt loads.” Julia O’Grady

Note: This workshop can be facilitated in-house. Get in touch with Dunne to find out more.

DATE: Monday March 25, 2019
VENUE: Campbell House, 2 Campbell Road, Waverley, Johannesburg
TIME: 8:00am for 8:30am until 4:30pm
COST: R4500 excl vat

This course has the potential to raise your game as an effective consultant.


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James Reader has 25 years experience, and has worked with clients across all economic sectors. He has worked on projects in South Africa and internationally. James is registered as both a Counselling and Industrial psychologist and aside from training in psychology has trained over two years in consulting skills with the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

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