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Reviewed by Debby Edelstein

Love and Courage: A story of insubordination (Jacana) is Pregs Govender’s own story, a story of personal and political power told with humanity, integrity and humility.

Pregs is widely admired for her courage and integrity of purpose, qualities that inspired her contribution as an activist and feminist, teacher and trade unionist, and from 1994 to 2002, as a member of South Africa’s democratic parliament.

But there’s also a dancing spirit that runs throughout her story, which starts with her childhood in Durban. And it’s that spirit which makes her book a great read in addition to a great South African commentary. It also meant that she was a delightful energy to have at our women’s leadership conference in Cape Town this year.

She ends her book with the words: “I would finish writing this story even if in the writing of it I spiralled wildly. I would one day release it. I would trust myself as I danced on air.”

Well, release it she did. And she also led us all in dance to the beat of BlaqPearl at the Peninsula Hotel.

We have five copies of Pregs’ book to give away. All you need to do is email debby@quallife.co.za with the name of your top South African woman leader.

2 Responses to Love and Courage: A story of insubordination by Pregs Govender

  1. Freeda Singh says:

    I have not had the opportunity to read Love and Courage yet,but would love to do so.

    Pregs Govender has been my inspiration,hope and teacher since 1988. I idealise her.She is an Iron Lady,in gender equality for the poor and working class women in particular.She has made great strides world wide to sensitise women on gender,health and human rights issues.She has served the nation well,we salute her in her endeavous to make South Africa great.

  2. Freeda Singh says:

    Taking us through her journey of life,will make for interesting reading.
    She is truely a phenomenal,inspirational and honourable female leader.
    An Iron lady in gender equality.

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