WeLead Circles

A peer to peer network exclusive for women leaders


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Coaching has clearly become a very powerful tool in business to upgrade skill levels and help leaders achieve even greater success in the business.

QualityLife Company has been in the learning and development business for over 20 years, but for the last three years, we’ve been focusing on delivering coaching solutions, both in groups and one-to-one. In particular, we run what we call our WeLead Circles for women which are peer to peer coaching circles exclusively for women leaders that fast-track leadership development. Women meet once a month for two hours in groups of between 6-10 who form a collegial network, in which they inspire and support each other to achieve personal leadership goals, and ‘hold each other accountable’ for the achievement of these goals.

Testimonials from delegates in our WeLead Circles:
“I credit my WeLead Circle for giving me the courage, support, and strength to achieve great success since joining” says Claire Odgers, Regional Head of Facilities Management Africa and Middle East, Standard Chartered Bank

“What I really appreciated about my WeLead Circle is that it helped clarify the questions I had about what’s next for me. Over and above that, it opened up to me that it is not impossible or crazy; all I have to do is ask. It is hard to explain what that does to your outlook on life and the doors it opens for you. It’s been a truly enlightening process, and an experience I will always cherish.” Chuma Qwalela, SA Reserve Bank

“One of the best decisions I have made regarding networking, learning and development was to put my hand up and join a WeLead circle.” Tanya Philips COO Pivotal Analytics

“Joining the WeLead Circle was one of the best things I have done for myself and my career.  It is a great opportunity to have a free space to communicate with peers without judgement.  I would recommend these circles to any business woman, both for your own peace of mind and for your own personal career growth.”Nicole Hyles Finance Director, Colgate-Palmolive

In addition to WeLead Circles, we run one-to-one executive coaching programme for our clients too.