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  1. John Ballam says:

    Been thinking at deal about a lot of what was said at Inspired Teachers Conference. I loved Jansen’s robust talk, and was very grateful to listen to him and other speakers who did not get on their high moral horses. Oh it is so easy right now in SA to ‘cut off a head’ in order to appease the ‘righteous’ who are baying for blood. Our crisis in education is in one sense about educational leadership, an understandably damaged leadership, given our country’s past. But it runs deeper.

    We as educational leaders need to be growing the next generation of leaders. A very real part of that growing has to do with consciously walking with them through some of the early, dare I say, moral failure, that many of us experienced early on in our teaching career. It takesthe guts to intervene. So if some marks are missing and we suspect they have been fudged this needs to be called judiciously or if that young teacher is getting “a little too close to a student,” then a conversation with him over a cup of tea could work wonders, similarly when a minor duty is shirked.

    Why we might have become leaders in our fields is because early on we weren’t indulged by laissez faire educational leaders nor were we burnt by self righteous pricks. Rather an educational leader (tribal elder) who knew their own shadow and the workings of the human heart took time out of a busy schedule to care enough to confront us. If as Arrien suggests we ‘speak the truth without blame or judgement’ then we are listened to. I am becoming increasingly tired of all the moral outrage which lacks soulful understanding – those are cheap shots.

  2. thanks for this thoughtful comment John and also for your great contribution to the innovation panel. No-one will forget your colourful braces either:-)

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