The game is an opportunity to “pay it forward” (while you receive). Each player will be granted three wishes and will also be asked to make three wishes come true. We will pair you with somebody who needs your gifts (and someone else who will try to give you yours) and thereafter, begins a magical week of giving and receiving where all sorts of synchronicity happens. Very importantly, your identities remain secret until December 10th! – and that’s where your two new connections are revealed!

Even if you’re still a little confused, once you book for the breakfast event, we will send you a full set of instructions as to how the game works. (Of course if you just want to attend the presentation without playing, that’s fine too!)

As Monica Singer, CEO of Strate, said after she played “Good Fairy and Wonderful Wizard Week” for the first time “There are no words to tell you what an awesome experience this was for me. I am not good at receiving so it was so overwhelming to receive these gifts from a person I could not thank in person and do something for. She understood my needs so well that I was very touched by the experience.”