• On the 2nd of December you’ll receive the name of a wisher (someone who makes three wishes!)
  • For a specified week (2 – 9 December), you will become their anonymous good fairy or wonderful wizard. (Naturally you will have to know your wisher’s identity in order to lavish magic on them)
  • We’ll try to give you some useful hints about your wisher to help you direct your magic.
  • Your role is to try to help your wisher’s dreams come true wherever possible. If not feasible, practical or economical, just make sure you spread some magic and make them really happy.
  • You can be generous by spending money and lavishing attention – chocolates, flowers, cappuccino, mobile masseurs etc
  • You can also be generous with introductions to people you feel your wisher should meet. Although this option won’t cost you money, opening up your network and your inner circle can be the most generous gift of all…
  • if you play, you commit to being as generous and creative as possible

But in the spirit of the Good Fairy and Wonderful Wizard Circle, your good deeds will be rewarded because you get to be a wisher too – even though you don’t know the identity of your good fairy or wonderful wizard. So anyone who plays is both a fairy (or wizard) and a wisher. After Good Fairy and Wonderful Wizard Week is over, identities will be revealed. (Good Fairy and Wonderful Wizard week will culminate in The Enchanted Boardroom: How to create magic at work breakfast presentation to which you’ve already booked, since you’re playing the game.)