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Imagine a world where you could speak up: where you wouldn’t have to tolerate people who drove you crazy; and when problems came up you could talk them through, get to the real issues and negotiate solutions.

We all encounter conversations where are we scared to speak up because they are difficult, they deal with sensitive issues and the stakes are high.
· Giving feedback to someone who is not performing
· Confronting a toxic colleague
· Standing up to an abusive manager
· Dealing with a negative attitude
· Almost any conversation with your mother-in-law!

We avoid conversations like these as long as we can, then as often as not, we handle them badly. Emotions take over; we say things we regret later; and the real issues are not addressed.

The quality of our conversations determines both the direction and the quality of our lives; and while it takes practice to get to the point where you can say almost anything to almost anyone, these emotional intelligence skills can be learned.

Maureen Collins shows you where to start.

When and where
DATE: Wednesday 12 October 2011
VENUE: Hyatt Regency, 191 Oxford Road, Rosebank
07h00 – 07h15 Registration
07h15 – 08h00 Breakfast
08h00 – 09h15 Maureen Collins
COST: R495 excl vat

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  1. Vivienne Murray says:

    Dear Lizzy

    Please can I book for 3 places for the Straight Talk breakfast next week.

    Vivienne Murray
    Pam Shepherd
    Angela Rough

    Can I pay on the day by credit card?
    Or send you credit card details before hand?

    011 617 -2447

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