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During the next few weeks the QualityLife Company calendar includes an unusual breakfast forum as well as an exciting digital storytelling workshop. For more information or to book, email Lizzy, call 011 880 9749 or visit www.qualitylife.co.za.

Breakfast Forum: What Video Games Teach us about Leadership 26 October, Johannesburg

The average young person in the UK will spend 10 000 hours gaming by the age of 21, world renowned game designer Jane McGonigal tells us. This statistic is enough to strike fear in the hearts of most parents. But it turns out that (video) games are not just about escapism. Games are a great way to hone leadership skills and maybe even change the world.

Digital Storytelling to market your brand 10-11 November, Johannesburg

Digital storytelling takes memories, photographs, ideas or documents and converts them into short movies that capture the essence of a message. It’s not reportage or documentary – it’s about an organisation (or an individual) finding a strong voice. And this voice can impact on employee development, diversity work, fundraising, organisational development or change management.

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