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Transforming Online Meetings: How to make virtual conversations meaningful and magical

“Virtual meetings are presenting us with an opportunity to connect, inspire, learn new ideas and change the world. There are many tech options available but that’s the easy part. What we really need now is a system to make sure that we are engaging with, inspiring and impacting the people behind the screen”.Debby Edelstein   [...] View Event »

The Art of Storytelling - A Morning Masterclass (26 March)

This Storytelling Masterclass will show you how to connect with your audience, whether you’re in a meeting with one person or giving a presentation to one hundred people. Whether your goal is to sell, inspire or educate, your ability to tell a good story is an undeniably powerful asset. In this practical morning masterclass, you [...] View Event »

How to facilitate magical meetings & creative conversations (March 5)

This morning is designed for anyone who wants to hold more transformative, generative conversations and meetings. At a time when so many shout to be heard and talk without listening, facilitation is a fundamental leadership skill. You’re invited to join a small group of leaders, educators and change agents to learn the skills we all [...] View Event »