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Are you an Outlook user? Save up to 40 minutes per day, here's how... (March 20, 2019)

Are you still using MS Outlook like most other people in most other companies? Just for emails and meetings? Our research shows that Outlook users can be wasting as much as 40 minutes every single day (that’s one month per year) – not because they are stupid or lazy, but just because they do not yet [...] View Event »

The Art of Consulting (March 25)

Consulting is a powerful opportunity to draw on your expertise and critical thinking ability to provide an indispensable sounding board for your clients. When you give professional advice to somebody who needs to make a choice, you are consulting – sometimes without even realising it. “A consultant is …in a position to have some influence [...] View Event »

Leadership and the Art of Storytelling: A Morning Masterclass (March 14)

Whether your goal is to sell, inspire or educate, your ability to tell a good story is an undeniably powerful leadership asset. Steve Jobs believed that the most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. Virgin visionary Sir Richard Branson claims “The story of Virgin – its ups and downs, opportunities and challenges – is [...] View Event »

How to facilitate magical meetings & creative conversations (April 2)

This morning is designed for anyone who wants to hold more transformative, generative conversations and meetings. At a time when so many shout to be heard and talk without listening, facilitation is a fundamental leadership skill. You’re invited to join a small group of leaders, educators and change agents to learn the skills we all [...] View Event »